Financial Support
     Bread of Heaven has a mission to change the world for Christ. It is your prayers and financial support that helps make this a reality. Please consider supporting the ministry by making a tax deductible donation  through the Paypal donation button below or mail your donations to the address below.

Bread of Heaven Community Church
5245 Cleveland Street  Suite 206
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Thank you and may God richly bless you!
     In giving an offering, you are giving a gift to God from a heart of love, over and above the tithe. The tithe is an act of obedience; the offering is a statement of love. God has blessed our lives in countless ways.  Giving back to him, whether in tithes or in offerings, is a privilege which should cause believers to overflow with thankfulness for all of His many blessings. 
     At Bread of Heaven , we believe that God has entrusted time, talents and treasures to us as believers, and expects us to manage them in ways that bring honor to Him.  
     Your financial giving is a easy way to support the ministries of Bread of Heaven. This  enables you to support the church by making  contributionssa top priority to us.

Also we appreciate your support with 
the Compassion Network. https://www.gofundme.com/bohcc
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